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Thomas Willemen shows in Brussels the project he realised at FLACC. The exhibition Taking Clouds for Land is only one weekend and can be visited at Friday 1 October from 19.00 till 22.00, Saturday 2 October from 11.00 till 19.00 and Sunday 3 October from 11.00 till 19.00. The address is Slachthuisstraat 6, 1000 Brussel, Belgium.


artists' publications and multiples fair
02.10.2021, 12-6 pm

Katrin Kamrau, NORMAL – Robert Olson, 2017

Next Saturday (02.10.), CIAP and C-mine will welcome over 40 artists participating in Apples and Oranges. Combining a curated fair section with a lively public programme of performances, interventions and talks, the event is as much an opportunity to present and sell publications as a moment for exchange and networking. We are so looking forward to it!

The fair takes place in the Compressors Hall at C-mine (1st floor of the C-mine Energy Building). Doors open at 12:00 PM and the event runs until 6:00 PM. Free admission.


Ana Mendes ­— An Onghena — BALTA (Anne-Marie Durand) ­— Ben Leenen ­— Che Go Eun + Metal Power Protection (Yemo Park & Xavier Frederick) ­— CLAUS BOOKS ­— CLUBEFEMEER (Arnaud De Wolf & Maarten Vanermen) Dries Segers ­— Ella De Burca ­— Emily Kelly — Gilles Hellemans­ — Ignace Schretlen ­— Intermetz (Remco Roes & Koenraad Claes) ­— Josephine Kaeppelin — Karina Beumer —­ Katrin Kamrau ­— Level Five / Salon Sale — Lize Plomteux ­— Lucia Mrakovcic ­— Marieke Gelissen —­ Maud Vande Veire ­— Nabil Aniss ­— Nina Glockner ­— Olivier Leu ­— Pierre Corric ­— Pink House Press (Ersi Varveri & Gijs Waterschoot) —­ PXL-MAD / READSEARCH (Celine Mannens, Fay Janssen, Carl Haase, Ann Bessemans, Janneke Janssen, Aline De Feyter, Laura Kreemers, Marta Guidotti, Céline van Bakel, María Pérez Mena, Walda Verbaenen, Kevin Bormans) —­ Reinier Vrancken —­ Rod Summers ­— Varamo Press — Wannes Missotten ­— William Ludwig Lutgens ­— Wool Collective (Eline De Clerq & Koyuki Kazahaya) ­

Do not miss the programme of lectures and performances!

13.00 ADRIJANA GVOZDENOVIC, On a Drift II, video presentation

13.30 MARTINE FOLKERSMA, Cameo Appearances, performance

14.00 SIWAR KRAYTEM & RASHA DAKKAK, Language Café: The Language of Oppression and Resistance, workshop I (reservation required)

15.00 NIELS POIZ, FEELINGS, Sentiments, Gevoelens, Gefühle, performance

16.00 ALEXIS GAUTIER, Moving with the shape of an eight, book presentation

16.30 JEROEN PEETERS, The elusive eloquence of dozing off, lecture-performance

17.00 SIWAR KRAYTEM & RASHA DAKKAK, Language Café: The Language of Oppression and Resistance, workshop II (reservation required)

ONGOING MARJOLEIN GULDENTOPS, The Bureau of Lost Causes, 2021, performance

Claus Books

Apples and Oranges is a collaboration between CIAP & FLACC, Genk; KRIEG, PXL Mad, Zero Desk, Hasselt; B32, Maastricht; C-mine, Genk. With kind support of the Flemish Community, the city of Genk and CIAP members.

New artistic director of FLACC and CIAP

Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg becomes the new artistic director of CIAP and FLACC.

The two merging organisations appoint a joint artistic director to build together the common future on the C-mine site.

Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg (NL), curator and initiator working from Europe and the US has been appointed as new artistic director of CIAP, platform for contemporary art, and FLACC, workplace for visual artists. She will lead the two organisations through the exciting transition period into the common future. Still this year, CIAP and FLACC will merge, and in 2022, already as one organisation will move to a new location on the C-mine site in Genk.
Gouwenberg brings to the table a fresh perspective, underpinned by a substantial international network and experience. Currently, she is the co-curator for Melanie Bonajo's presentation for the Dutch Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2022. 
image © Roosje Klap
After running multidisciplinary exhibition space Expodium in Utrecht, Gouwenberg participated in the renowned de Appel Curatorial Program (2006-07) and worked at the research and production platform If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution (2007-11). During the directorship of Defne Ayas at Kunstinstituut Melly, she was involved in major projects by Alexandre Singh, Michael Portnoy, and Rana Hamadeh. In 2010, together with artist Keren Cytter and curator Kathy Noble, Gouwenberg initiated A.P.E. (art projects era), which focused on the development of projects that cannot be realised within traditional institutional formats or frameworks. Since 2012 she’s part of the short and mid-length committee at International Film Festival Rotterdam. In 2014, she founded the multidisciplinary residency program Deltaworkers in New Orleans together with Joris Lindhout, and in 2017, Gouwenberg joined the Performa team in New York as producer at large. 
The new director takes up the position in a particularly complex, fragile, and challenging context, but also one that requires new perspectives and experimental strategies. “It is an unprecedented time that calls for outspoken choices,” she says. “We are at the tail end of the pandemic that has held up a mirror to the fast-paced, overcrowded capitalist world and forced the individual, on the one hand, to revert to small, local, sometimes lonely, physical ways of living, and on the other hand, expanded the possibilities of communicating, working, and presenting online. It is, therefore, a particular moment to look at how two strong locally-anchored institutions can consciously operate locally as well as internationally; in physical and virtual space.”
CIAP and FLACC are convinced that Gouwenberg, with her versatile experience and unfettered enthusiasm, is the best person to take the lead in shaping the vision for the new organisation. “The DNA of the new organisation, originating from two existing institutions, is rich, layered and offers opportunities,” said the freshly appointed director. “It's like a lichen where ‘1+1=plural’ is the rule and where specific combinations of chromosomes create the shapes that no one could have imagined in advance. It is this polyphony that bears potential and that drives me. The program that I want to develop for FLACC/CIAP will be tailor-made and will have a socio-political focus, building on the already existing basis. The organisation grows from the programme, in which the importance of art, the interest of artists and the connection with the public are key.”