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Opening David Bade & Tirzo Martha

David Bade and Tirzo Martha are two Dutch Curaçaoan artists who came to Genk with their Instituto Buena Bista, an arts and training platform on Curaçao. During two months, these two highly interesting artists turned the gallery of the C-mine cultural center into a breeding ground for talent in direct connection with the surrounding city. Art was created and discussed together with and for the residents of Genk. Before and after this intensive working period, the artists realized 2 sculptures in the Genk district of Sledderlo, together with local residents. Sledderlo is a changing neighborhood through new construction, new accessibility and social change and the artists worked with the residents on the influence of these infrastructural changes and their social implications. Artists David Bade and Tirzo Martha will gladly tell you more about this process and the works that were realized over a bite and a drink on Sunday 30 September, at 2:00 pm.

2:00 pm
- gathering on Kopeikstraat, Sledderlo
- welcome speech by Anniek Nagels, Alderwoman of Culture

- walk to Zomereikstraat, Sledderlo

2:30 pm
- welcome speech by Myriam Indenkleef, director Nieuw Dak
- explanation by David Bade on the process and the two sculptures

This project is a collaboration between the C-mine cultural center, Nieuw Dak, FLACC and was realized with the support of the Flemish Community and the Mondriaan Fund. With special thanks to STEBO (Ann and Amina), Wijkmanager Liesbeth and of course all the local residents. Co-realized with the support of EBEMA and CLS Europe coatings.